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Deborah Dennan

Candice heard me, saw me, and showed I’m worthy of time. She had helped me love me and remember who I AM!

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Brandon Hyatt

Candice has become a friend, and I am grateful that she is a part of my life


Shawnette Sampson

Candice thank you for BOLDLY living out your divine assignment


Bobbi Jenson

Right away after meeting with Candice I was significantly moved. I would continue to go back to the beautiful advice she has spoken over and over in my head daily. I began to understand myself and those around me better. Not too long after my husband jumped on board for some of her amazing love and light. We began working with Candice due to our very complex marriage. We are new parents dealing with a chronic illness navigating through a global pandemic. Our situation is very difficult to understand and not for the faint of heart. Candice has been able to understand and Intuitively support us in navigating our situation as well as finding common ground between us reminding us why we chose one another. Candice has shown us where we can best love and receive from one another I can't wait to continue working with her and to expand in my marriage and other relationships! Thank you Candice Box your truly amazing!

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Mia Iida

Candice has been a voice of loving wisdom throughout my spiritual growth and evolution over the past two years.  I credit her marriage experiences and unconditional love for self for saving my marriage...she always reminds me that unconditional love is abundant and accessible within and that will spread out.  Candice embodies this.  :)



Candice has an amazing way of teaching complex concepts in a way that is accessible and relatable. She is skilled at uncovering your hidden blocks and limiting beliefs. Her work helped me transform and heal my thinking, believing and way of being. Working with Candace gave me the courage and tools to radically accept and love all parts of myself.

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Nichole Clark

Candice can make me laugh in my darkest moments. She changed my life by reminding me that I am enough


Maclain T.

Candice has been an inspiration, loving, sweet, amazing, knowledgeable, and kind spiritual teacher. Trust her with your leap into yourself! You can never go wrong.


Kristina D.

My favorite thing about Candice is her ability to tune in and make you realize the things that are happening in your life. Candice has a calming energy about her where she makes you feel heard and comforted. She genuinely cares about you & wants to help you heal and better yourself.



Candice has given me so much perspective and understanding of the why and the how in my life and is showing me that I am more than just the shell I walk around in.  I wouldn't be able to see that without her. Candice is the warm embrace I needed during those dark times and the spark that light up when I celebrated some big triumphs. I made the decision to work with her a long time ago and have not looked back”. I am so proud of the person I am becoming because of her guidance, her love, and her support

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Genevieve Nelson

Candice has changed my life in every way!  She has given such wonderful guidance that got me through some dark moments and she always lifts my spirit and makes me feel so loved and valued.  I am so grateful for her and just so thankful for her reaching out to me last year to join SOUL EVOLUTION and encouraging me ever since.


Lexi Warren

My favorite thing about Candice is her genuine love & support. It’s wild to be so vulnerable and connected with someone I’ve never physically actually met. Candice is literally an angel that has helped me through so many different struggles I’ve encountered & come out of stronger and full of more love due to her wonderful support and wisdom. This class is more to me then words and aspirations. It’s a choice. That doesn’t require convincing or recollecting but a decision that resides in me as an individual & my sisters to open themselves to a world of truly existing. Time before time I have battled the investment. Dollars signs, time & everything in between. But in the end it has never matter the words or connections anyone comforted me with because I knew it was a choice al my own. And without that being understood as a coach or healer I would be so exhausted trying to keep up with the doubts but that’s why you ladies are the mentors.


Camille Morais

Candice always honors my journey while at the same time pushing me gently to go outside my comfort zone for further growth.


Kerri Kofoed

Candice is honest and sincerely cares. She has helped me to be strong enough to speak up and be heard again.

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Khue Nguyen

There were times that I thought I would give up. However, thanks to Candice’s guidance, I got to know the past more intimately and see different choices that I can take to get back to the authenticity of myself. I hope Candice in the new age will be happy, healthy and live in a home full of laughters.


Anne Mace-Deines

Candice has been a voice I needed to dive into areas I had long since shut off. Through her loving approach she provided me a safe place to explore and release anger and guilt. She is a beautiful soul who will penetrate even the biggest skeptics.



Candice has given me insight into my own life helping direct me and guide me on the right path. Always helping me to make better choices for myself.

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Astra Druker-Michaels

Candice has changed my life in too many ways to count! She constantly reminds me that everything is OK and everything I am feeling is OK. 

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