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Aloha and Welcome

Master Soul Alchemist & Conscious Relationship Coach


I am Candice Box, your Master Soul Alchemist, Spiritual Healer, and Conscious Relationship Coach. I support women and couples clear karmic patterns so they can find their way back to LOVE and connection.

Relationships are complex, messy, perfectly imperfect and yet we desire neat and tidy relationships. But that’s not quite authentic and real.

If we understand how we block ourselves from receiving love, how we protect ourselves from love, and how we act in the name of love, then we can rewrite our relationship stories and create healthy, loving, and intimate relationships.

I can help you navigate your relationships and find where you block yourself from love which keeps you from experiencing the best relationship of your life.
I am in a deeply committed marriage of 6 years and we have been together for a total of 11 years.

We have had our many ups and downs and believe me shit got hard because we were blinded to our wounds and patterns!  But we have both been extremely committed to our personal growth, spiritual development, and each other.  So he has been a huge source of my learning lessons and my blessings.  

And while there have been many lovers in my past, he is the one that has shown me safety and grace to be truly who I am which in turn gives us both the freedom to be our authentic sovereign selves in this relationship and a gift to the world.

I wish to pass onto you the many lessons I’ve learned in creating an amazing relationship while understanding myself and my husband.  I’d also like to share with you over 12 years I’ve dedicated my life to in personal growth seminars, spiritual development workshops, soul healing school, akashic record reading, past life healing, and so much more.

I see how we create karmic patterns that show up for us to resolve and dissolve on our soul path that frees us to live ever more in alignment to love which is the greatest frequency on Earth.  Our relationships can be our personal healing school to move beyond what we have ever known into the possibilities of true joy, peace, and love.

I can’t wait to meet you and support you on your relationship journey.


 Candice graduated from University of Hawaii Manoa Business School.  

Received a certificate as an energy healer from Sacred Path Healing School,

a 3 year program in Honolulu.  

She received a consulting license with Spiritual Response Therapy where she researches the akashic records and clears past lives. 

She completed PSI seminars a personal growth and development program.

Completed Ike Pono a personal growth and development program.

Enrolled in Mastering your information, Energetic Architecture, Advanced Alchemy.  Became Co-Founder of a SOUL Healing School and retreat company called SOUL EVOLution with business partner Nikyla Maria who supports men and women in discovering their true selves through the chakras.  

She is owner of Love and Light Healing, a series of coaching and training programs to support women and couples clear karmic patterns so they can find their way back to LOVE and connection. 

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