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Relationship Alchemy


Conscious Relationship Coaching with Candice Box

Relationships don’t have to be hard…


But why do we make it so?


There is so much fear in being seen, vulnerable, and being misunderstood.  So we protect and defend from the very person we want to connect intimately with the most.  


We’ve learned many of our ideas of relationships from our primary caregivers, unrealistic rom coms, and idealistic spiritual notions of being with the “One” that keep us from seeing our partners as they are.


So we fall into codependency, play the blame game, withdraw from love, and treat one another like enemies rather than seeing each other as on the same team and having one another’s backs.


Sometimes there are heartbreaks and heart openings, and if we can trust in the unfolding of our experience, we can heal through our relationships the very things that have kept us from growing, evolving, receiving and giving love.


Relationships are created for us so that we know love, express love and be love.  It is an avenue to heal ourselves and one another.  Our relationships are gifts to discover the very heart of who we are right down to the soul level.


So join me as we take a journey and navigate the roots of what has gone out of alignment in your relationships so we can return to love and connection.

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